Date: July 25th, 2023

Location: Akpugo High School, Enugu State.


The Amala Nwobodo Foundation (ANF), a charitable organization committed to reviving the zeal for study among the underprivileged youths in the communities among others, conducted an education motivational programme at a public high school at Akpugo, a rural town in Enugu state on Tuesday, the 25th day of July 2023. The aim of the programme was to provide the much-needed motivation to the students, teachers, and at large, the parents. To create awareness of the realism of education in the whole community.

The following were the pioneer members present at the programme:

  • Amala Nwobodo – Founder
  • Ebele Okoye- Director of Administration
  • Gina Okogwu (Recheo Health Foundation)- Project Supervisor
  • Michael Nduaka (Deacon)- Anchors the programme.
  • Seyi Ajibade- Media
  • Chidi Enyikwasara

We were also honoured by the presence of a member of the trustee, Bar. Sarah Nwobodo. The volunteering of Chisom Nwobodo and Maryann Chinenye Edozieuno actually spiced the programme.


  • To provide educational materials and other gift items to the school and the students of Akpugo High School.
  • To support the teachers and the principal with essential resources.
  • To conduct teaching on mortality and to straighten the faith of interested participants.
  • To motivate and encourage academic excellence among the students by creating an atmosphere for healthy academic competition in the school.


The programme had a significant impact on the students and the community. The following summarized activities were undertaken:


  • ANF Laptop bags
  • ANF School bags
  • Stationery supplies
  • Power Banks
  • Cash awards
  • Innerwear for students and teachers
  • Wrappers for parents and teachers
  • Canvases and sandals
  • ANF notebooks
  • Deodorants
  • Water bottles
  • A Printer to the school
  • New school uniforms



Amala Nwobodo Foundation generously donated a printer to the school and sixty (60) new school uniforms to students whose uniforms were either badly torn, faded or undersized.



The teachers and the principal were also beneficiaries of the programme, receiving cash gift, wrappers, laptop bags, inner wears, and deodorants.


On the basis of the bible, Rev Canon Ononiwu Felix of The Good Shepherd Church of Anglian Communion Enugu State, conducted teachings on morality  and led interested participants to Christ, thereby providing a smooth transition to a short speech by the founder of ANF in which she advised the students to be serious with their studies, to beware of complacent attitude and to work hard towards a relevant  career that will be lifelong sustainable.



ANF awarded certificates of excellence, cash, and many items to students of Akpugo High School in recognition of their academic excellence. The students who were serious with their studies received most of the incentives. The big moment of the programme was when each of the students who were in the first positions of the various classes was given ANF school bag, a power bank and a conditional silver tag that came with a package of instant cash, access to half of the gift items on display at Happy Corner.

A gold tag was also given to the most intelligent student in every set. A flash drive was added to the incentives given to students in the first position of all the senior secondary classes. The gold tag has its terms and condition.  Students of SS2 classes who retain their first positions in the first term of their SS3 classes will receive their   WAEC and JAMB examination fee. 

The silver tag is redeemable termly by students who take first positions in the classes. In a situation whereby a student loses the first position to another student, the silver tag would be transferred to

the student currently in the first position. The same condition applies to every student who holds onto the gold tag.

The foundation announced the possibility of sponsoring the university education of the outstanding students if they continue to excel in their academics, encouraging and motivating them to strive for higher achievements.

However, ANF did not focus only on the very brilliant students. Students who improved tremendously in the last examination were identified and rewarded for their effort. Furthermore, to boost the complex of the students whose uniforms were in bad shapes and to assist in revitalising their zeal for study, ANF gave sixty (60) new school uniforms to the identified students.



The principal and the entire staff of Akpugo High School were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Consequently, the Principal and one of the outstanding students gave Amala Nwobodo Foundation a vote of thanks respectively, on behalf of Akpugo High School. Many parents who were present expressed amazement. Among them was a parent who prayed remarkably for ANF. The teachers were as excited as the students. The gifts and support provided to the school and the students brought smiles to the faces of everyone around.



The outreach conducted by the Amala Nwobodo Foundation at Akpugo High School in Nkanu West Local Government Area, Enugu State, on the 25th of July 2023, showed how committed Amala Nwobodo is to academic excellence. The programme was indeed a resounding success. The generous donations of a printer to the school, the various gift items given to the students and the staff of the school and the redeemable cash incentives for the motivation of the   students challenged to retain their first positions next term, demonstrated Amala Nwobodo foundation’s dedication to empowering the youths in the community through education. The teachings on morality also provided a spiritual dimension to the outreach, catering for the holistic development of the students and the community members. The effort of ANF team members was met with immense gratitude from the entire Akpugo Village community, reaffirming the importance of such charitable initiatives.



Based on the success of this outreach, Amala Nwobodo Foundation considers the following recommendations for future endeavours:

  • Continue to focus on education-related initiatives, such as providing scholarships, school supplies, and support for teachers and students to foster academic excellence.
  • Consider organizing mentorship programmes periodically as a follow-up and to keep track of the students in limelight in view of offering them guidance and support.
  • Expand the reach of the foundation to other schools in the community within Enugu state and beyond.
  • Collaborate with local stakeholders and organizations to ensure the sustainability of the programme for the benefit of students who may enrol in school in the future.

In adherence to these recommendations, Amala Nwobodo Foundation will continue to positively impact the lives of students in rural communities, expressing our heart for it’s obvious that whatever we do for others, is an expression of who we are.

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