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Membership of the foundation is free for all, however, admission into every level of membership is supervised hierarchically, in vertical order 

  • Board of Trustees (BOT)
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Director of Administration (DA)
  • Administrative Manager (AM)
  • Project Supervisor (PS)

Intended members of the foundation MUST complete the admission process satisfactorily before certified full or part-time members of the foundation.

  • Management
  • Sponsor
  • Volunteer
  • Beneficiary


Management consists of the Board of Trustees, the Chief Executive Officer, Directors of Administration, Administrative Managers and Project Supervisors


Individuals and groups who are willing to put in their time, energy and ideas for humanitarian service are the volunteers. They render free services to the NGO.


Beneficiary consists of Orphans, handicapped, relatives, the displaced, children of  single-parent, merited selected individuals and groups.


A sponsor is a vision helper, a burden bearer and a human to the core. Sponsors are the most cherished member of the foundation. Over 50% of the foundation work is done by this category of members. A sponsor yields resources and directives to the foundation. A sponsor is so cherished by the foundation. Sponsors are needed for all the programs of the foundation, except Treasure Hunt Exercise which rather needs volunteers .




By this exercise, qualified members of the foundation are recruited by a team primarily assigned to sourcing and computing the totality of the membership and workforce-base of the foundation using stipulated criteria and Data Collation Forms (DC Forms). The programme is coordinated by the management team whereby Administrative Managers are assigned to specific tasks. DC Form is the form for different categories of membership; management, beneficiaries, sponsors and volunteers. An intended members will fill in and submit the DC form (online or hardcopy). Thereafter, an interview will be scheduled for the intended members by the Administrative Manager of the programme of interest at a suitable venue (online inclusive). A successful interview is rewarded with an acceptance letter from the foundation and a registration number.

DATA COLLATION (DC)  has three sections: DC Forms, DC Beneficiary Feedback and DC Chat. DC Form is the admission form for all members of the foundation. It contains the members’ profile and the programme of interest among other information. DC Beneficiary Feedback keeps track on the beneficiaries. All Sponsors have unrestricted access to the record of the beneficiary being sponsored. DC Chart contains a detailed record of all the beneficiary’s activities and a compiled record of projects completed by every volunteer and sponsor.                                         

DC Forms are named accordingly:

As their names imply, the forms are explicit. DC Beneficiary Form is for members who intend to take advantage of the numerous programmes of the foundation. DC Sponsor Form is for members who provide funds or support for the programmes. DC Volunteer Form is for members who willingly offer their services to the foundation for any of the programmes. DC Management Form is exclusively for members who plan, organize, direct and control the affairs of foundation. 


DC Beneficiary Feedback is for continuous academic evaluation of the performance of students who benefit from programmes like Scholarship Maintenance Scheme (SMS) and Isusu For Others (IFO). This form should be submitted to the foundation by all beneficiaries unfailingly at the end of every term or semester as are obtainable at the beneficiary’s level of education. Please note that the offense of falsification of result and refusal to declare result attract the penalty of immediate termination of any active programme except for relatives and Isusu For Others (IFO) by concerned group whereby the sponsor’s decision is binding on the foundation.

DC Beneficiary Feedback Form


DC Chat is a graphic document that assesses the performances of every member of the foundation. The chat is meant for the quick evaluation of members’ activities and their level of commitment to the foundation.  DC Chat is classified accordingly:

  • DC Management Chat
  • DC Sponsor Chat
  • DC Volunteer Chat
  • DC Beneficiary Chat

DC Management Chat, DC Sponsor Chat and DC Volunteers Chat show the frequency and the number of completed projects by the respective members. DC Beneficiary Chat is classified as Physical Disabled, Relatives and Ethnicity. The Chat shows the total number of programmes a beneficiary applied for and the benefits already accrued. It also shows the level of involvement of every beneficiary member.

Outstanding performances are continuously flashed online under DC Chart for prominence.


A document signed on the resolution of the board of trustees and countersigned by or on behalf of the addressed members of the foundation which states clearly that such a person has been certified a full member of the foundation for the applied period.

NOTE: Beneficiary Form is for orphans, handicapped, students of single/widow parents, students from broken homes, displaced children and relatives.



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