The foundation focuses on seven programmes. Each programme is elaborate, expanding into sections (micro-projects) hence massive manpower and resources are required to achieve them. Consequently, all the seven programmes are effectively supervised by the Director of Administration (DA). Each programme is headed by the Administrative Managers (AM), with sections headed by the Project Supervisors (PS). Thus, each programme is like a department on its own. However, for financial consideration, programmes could be merged where it is manageable. The scale of a project determines the number of project supervisors assigned to it. 

The following are our unique programmes:

Search Engine Panel (SEP)

This is a panel of intellectuals who specialise on one academic area or another and sits occasionally as the need arises to test the academic strength of both members and intended members of ANF who are interested in our educational programmes. SEP works keenly with Treasure Hunt Exercise (THE) tools and pioneers 75% of advice given to the sponsors. It is advisable for sponsors to heed SEP professional advice to avoid waste of resources in the long run. SEP has two broad sections. Each of them has branches as listed below:

Section A: Intra & Inter Quiz (2iQ)

  • General Quiz (GQiz)
  • Defend your Scores (DYS)

Section B: Ambition Manifesto (AM)
  • a. Audible Dream (AD)
  • b. Grassroots Project (GP)


Intra & Inter Quiz (2iQ) is designed to assess the academic performance of students benefiting from or applying for various types of sponsorship. The exercise will help ANF to appraise the beneficiaries, monitor their improvement and generally assess them in order to offer verifiable professional advice to their sponsors. This section is divided into two parts and administered by SEP officials:

  • General Quiz (G-QUIZ)

  • Defend Your Scores (DYS)

General Quiz (G-QUIZ) is an intellectual exercise geared towards testing the academic performance of our target beneficiaries. Students who excel in these quiz competitions shall be marketed to the public by the Foundation and shall be listed for available sponsorship. Sponsors interested in a particular community or group of people can request such a quiz to enable prompt accurate decisions. In such a case, the Foundation will organise the quiz, collate results and advise the sponsors.

Defend Your Scores (DYS) is an exercise that is purely for our members who are already enjoying the sponsorship of their studies in various institutions. The exercise is crucial to determine the beneficiary’s focus and improvement as well as help the Foundation detect earlier, any sign of distraction on the part of the beneficiary and be able to advise both the sponsor and the beneficiary appropriately. A periodic organisation of this exercise is necessary and should never be allowed to be overtaken by any circumstance whatsoever.

Ambition Manifesto (AM)

AM is a public declaration of an intention to fulfill a stated ambition as well as a plausible and workable plan to achieve the ambition. A written manifesto would be marketed to interested sponsors.

This exercise is purposed for the participation of undergraduates who are not studying under any or full scholarship. ANF has the statutory mandate to protect the participants against the misappropriation of their ideology by perceived sponsors. Plagiarism will be taken seriously. It should be treated as an unpardonable offense and should not be taken for granted. However, it is important to note that by participating in this programme, the student has unanimously agreed to exempt ANF from any litigation or crisis resulting from the misuse or misinterpretation of the manifesto by members of the public. AM is divided into two parts and is under the supervision of SEP Officials.

  • Audible Dream (AD)

  • Grassroots Project (GP)

Audible Dream (AD) as the name implies, is dreaming aloud, putting in a word whatever ideas piled up within the student which is intended for the future. It is an opportunity for students to give life to their ideas. This exercise is open for students at all academic levels. It is important for the students to present the ideas in an attractive way in order to achieve credence. Once a sponsor indicates interest in any AD, the student and the sponsor should reach a consensus and seal a contract. The duty of SEP Officials is purely to supervise and protect the interest of both parties involved. ANF, however, classifies the students accordingly and organise a suitable audience for their presentations.

Grassroots Project (GP)  is geared towards assisting final year students in soliciting funds in order to execute their final projects. However, such projects should have affiliation with the grassroots. The project should have a direct impact on the life of members of society. Thus, SEP officials will analyse the survey tool of the projects involved and decide those that qualified for financial aids. Mobility and manpower may be made available where necessary. The recipients of the fund for GP should be closely monitored by SEP officials to ensure that the funds provided are actually used for the intended purpose.

Pet Adoption Programme (PAP)

This exercise gives opportunity to sponsors to write their names on the feeble minds of the pupils. With a lifespan of two years (2 years) at a time after which the sponsor renews the contract. The programme endears the sponsors to the students, giving the sponsors the opportunity to share their wealth of knowledge, experience and regrets with the students directly and indirectly, thereby widening the students’ horizons and spurring them to academic excellence, hard work and tenacity to achieve success through decent means. Those who have succeeded in various fields of life by the right means, who have landmark record of success in any particular field of endeavour, are encouraged to get involved in this programme as they will be expected to pass on to the students, the same zeal and motivation that enabled them to get to their very present status. They should identify with the students by distributing and donating customised structures and items through PA Programme and on a demand, present seminars to students at least, twice within the lifespan of a contract. This programme is about giving back to life what has been benefited from it. The motive for participation should still be selfless and sacrificial, devoid of any sort of gain.

Please note that unless such volunteer or sponsor agrees to work as an anonymous participant, ANF has the right to abruptly terminate a contract before its expiration as well as the right to reject the offer of a volunteer or a sponsor to participate in this programme whereby the participant is surrounded by controversial issues particularly issues that are detrimental to the image of the foundation. We have two categories of Pet Adoption Programme(PAP):

  •  Classroom Adoption
  •  School Block Adoption


classroom adoption

An individual, an organisation or group of people may adopt a classroom whereby the affairs of the students in the adopted class, rest solely on the interested party. However, the sponsor should indicate the limit of intervention in the classroom which could be any of the following:

  • Provision of educational materials (books, writing materials including exercise books, stationery, etc).
  • Provision of whiteboard and markers etc.
  • Provision of uniforms like regular school uniform, the game -wears, shoes and stockings, school bags, water bottles, lunch bags, etc.
  • Provision of lunch.
  • Provision of a special class lesson.

Of utmost importance is the knowledge of the fact that a classroom could be adopted within an adopted school block. A block of more than a classroom could be adopted by only an individual, an organisation or a group of people as the case may be but the different classes could be adopted by different individual sponsors or organisations.

school block adoption

This exercise gives sponsors room to assign their names to specific concrete projects within the school complex. Such projects could be the following:

  • Refurbishment of structures within the school premises
  • Complete erection of structures (blocks of classrooms, laboratory, lavatories, staff rooms and other school structures).
  • Donation of school buses and staff buses
  • Repair and repainting of school vehicles

Alumni of schools, indigenes and philanthropists are encouraged to participate in this project. ANF mainly supervises the project but at the request of the sponsor, could undertake the execution of the project on behalf of the sponsor. ANF maintains a list of assessed projects and advises an interested sponsor accordingly or the sponsor may come up with a project and involve the NGO in either the supervision or the execution or even both.

Scholarship Maintenance Scheme (SMS)

ANF offers three categories of scholarships under the SMS programme:

  • Scholarship On Merit (SOM)
  • Relatives Scholarship Benefit (RSB)
  • Hope Assured Programmes

Scholarship On Merit (SOM)
Under Scholarship On Merit (SOM), sponsors indicate interest to offer half or full scholarship to qualified students, under a stipulated condition. ANF however, arbitrates between the student and the sponsors but the level of interference will only be dictated by the sponsors.

Qualified students who registered with ANF by filling in the free Data Collation Form online or offline (see Treasure Hunt Exercise (THE)), and obtaining a Scholarship Beneficial Number (SID), are marketed to the public for sponsorship of their education at various levels of learning. Any of these students may qualify for the listed scholarships. However, students qualify for SMS purely on high academic performance. Emotion, sentiment and relationship may qualify students for the other scholarships.

Students who qualify for SOM are the Orphans, the handicapped, relatives, the displaced. abandoned and children of single-parent. 

Relatives Scholarship Benefit (RSB) 

A special group of members, the relatives, are however not marketed but just documented. A sponsor can direct the relative (student) to ANF whereby the student fills in the name of the sponsor on the DC Beneficiary Relatives Form and obtain a unique SMS Relative Number (SRN).

Alternatively, in a situation where the sponsor decides to remain unknown to the relative, the sponsor approaches ANF who in turn, approaches the relative. In such a case, the student fills in “Anonymous” on the column for the sponsor’s name. ANF takes the responsibility of monitoring the student’s academic performance and remitting the tuition fees promptly supplied by the relative to the student’s institution of study. This initiative is mostly beneficial to relatives who do not want to get directly involved with the student for reasons best known to them. Others are relatives who are in the diaspora and relatives who prefer to offer scholarships anonymously to loved ones.

Note: Half scholarship does not apply to Relative Scholarship Benefit (RSB).

Please note that only students who make more A than B grades are qualified to fill in the SMS Beneficiary Tertiary Institution Form. This is because; the foundation seeks to advertise only the students who are actually prepared for the opportunity. However, for students who are sponsored by their relatives, the RSB Form has no restriction on grades.

Outstanding results among all the submitted results and the name of the students are flashed continuously across the web pages for prominency.

Hope Assured Activity (HAA)

These sets of programmes make room for philanthropists to ensure that students whose parents are either incomplete or no more in existence, still fulfill their vision of acquiring western education. HAA, as the initials sounds, is a ray of hope meant to put laughter on the faces of these students.

Four distinct programmes are categorised under HAA:

  • Healthy Mind Scholarship (HMS)
  • Father To The Fatherless (F2F)
  • Mother To The Motherless (M2M)
  • Parent To Orphan (P2O)

DC F2F Form is for students who have lost their Fathers while DC M2M Form is for students whose mothers are deceased. DC P2O Form is for orphans, students who have lost both parents. DC Healthy Mind Form (HM Form), is for the physically challenged students who dream and also believe in the possibility of achieving their dreams. There is no restriction of grades for this category of students. The complete data generated by the THE will be on display online. However, the foundation will only advertise the outstanding students among them.

ISUSU for Others (IFO)

This programme gives the opportunity to all and sundry to collectively make contributions that will accumulate to a unified fund. The fund is then classified in units, through which sponsorship is granted generally to the most qualified beneficiary members of ANF in consideration of certain criteria and in descending order. A group of contributors is assigned to a unit that is either active or dormant. Each contributor is identified by a Unit Identification Number (UIN) and each active group is assigned a reference number. An active unit consists of a group of contributors who generate enough funds to cover the scholarship of a student. A dormant unit automatically emerges at the completion of each active group. Thus we have several active units and only one dormant group at a time.

The contributions are grouped and assigned to students who are neither sponsored by relatives, concerned group nor fortunate to be awarded a full scholarship. Qualification for this type of scholarship is purely based on urgency and academics excellence. Inasmuch as ANF takes precautious measures against delay or payment default of active units members in instantly upgrading the units by alternating IFO defaulting contributors with contributors from the dormant unit, consistency and prompt payment are a prerequisite requirement for the success of this programme as any interruption in payment would not only disrupt the programme but may have a drastic effect on the beneficiaries in a situation where ANF does not generate such funds from the dormant unit. The participation of contributors is spurred purely from the trust in the integrity and accountability of ANF. Sponsors of IFO should trust the foundation to discreetly use the funds, as they are not allowed to be involved in deciding the beneficiaries of the accumulated fund. Constantly, ANF publishes and updates the chart of IFO beneficiaries and their respective units.

However, a group of people may contribute to the sponsorship of a student. In such a case, ANF is bound to honour the request of such a concerned group on the condition that the sum of the contribution covers the full scholarship.

Educational Material Supplies (EMS)

As the name implies, this programme is about supplying stationery to students. ANF mobilises, monitors and supervises the distribution to various schools, making absolutely sure that they get to the targeted end-users. Branded books, pen, whiteboard, test books, drawing materials, electronic gadgets like calculators, tablets, computers, etc,  are promptly distributed to the targeted recipients.

Sponsors involved in Pet Adoption (PA) are also expected to indulge in this programme.

Pre-University Leap Lesson (PULL)

ANF has the responsibility of establishing lesson centres all across the cities in all the states of the country where basic required science and art courses for admission to higher institutes are taught registered beneficiaries who have challenges in any subject and others who would like to revise the syllabus for any external examination. Owners of school volunteer classrooms and qualified teachers and youth corps member volunteers to teach in these lesson centres. 

However, brilliant students who are proficient in some topics of any course may be allowed to teach fellow students under the supervision of a professional teacher. ADMISSION IS ONLY TO MEMBERS AND IT IS FREE. ANF maintains and expands these lesson centres and sees to their continuous operation.

Classroom Education Exemption Programme (CREEP)

CREEP is designed for members who desire a non-conventional form of education. The programme is geared towards the creation of awareness and empowerment of members rather than an award of the academic certificate.

CREEP is basically free technical and vocational training offered by volunteers to members of ANF for a scheduled period of time. The programme adopts a practical approach. Thus, the workshop, seminars and fieldwork involve more physical activities.

CREEP is not time-bound and as far as resources are available, could be repeated intermittently and at any safe location.

CREEP can also be sectional in nature. A particular group or section of d society can be targeted and exposed to a certain kind of knowledge like we can have in the following sub-programmes:

  • Event Saving Services (ESS)

  • Merry Go Round (MGR)

  • Widows Are Also Wise (WAAW)

  • The Hidden Treasure (THT)

  • Conscious Family Planning (CFP)

  • One-Off Job Offer (OJO)

  • Life Is Precious (LIP)

Event Saving Services (ESS) is a service rendered by a smart-looking agile coordinated team of 16 to 25 adolescents and adults consisting of a manager, supervisors and other team members. Each supervisor works with at least, four team members. The manager of the team builds the entire workforce. He or she chooses carefully, teammates with the right ethic, pose and character and group them in units. Each unit is headed by a supervisor. A team expands as the units increase in number. The size of guests expected on an occasion determines the number of units in the team. The supervisors are stationed at various points in the event hall as each one of them monitors primarily the activities of their own team members who serve guests only within the portion of the hall assigned to the supervisor. The manager of the team oversees the activities of the entire team and notifies the supervisors of any misbehaving team member.

WIDOWS ARE ALSO WISE (WAAW) as the name implies, is a project particularly targeted at widows. WAAW simply makes a sentence- Widowhood is not the end of the journey of life but rather a phase of life. Thus WAAW does not merely empower widows with skills but also with knowledge whereby, successful and experienced widows and other associates organizations enlighten the targeted audience. Members of ANF who are not widows are also encouraged to attend these enriched free seminars and skill acquisition workshops and thereafter are expected to spread the knowledge acquired through the programme to every relevant quarter of their reach.

CONSCIOUS FAMILY PLANNING (CFP)   Good planning beget happy ending. This project is aimed at intended mothers with knowledge of control and long term planning. The primary targets of this project is to cub the challenge of high mortality rate of expectant mothers and to empower women with economic Administrative knowledge that will help them equate the numerical strength of their nuclear homes with their economic status. This program is not just about the medical aspect of family planning but more of intensive teaching embellished with practical examples on the right step to be taken at every stage of male and female relationship. Thus the project does not exclude any class of matured male or female. The NGO periodically organizes CFP. Volunteer medical teams may partially or fully sponsor the program. However, the NGO would organize CFP at any given geographical area of the world at the consultation and also the full sponsorship of any interested member or as a partner to a sponsor.

Merry Go Round (MGR) is a one to a five-man team of the musical band on contract for the musical performance of not less than 15 minutes for various occasions as mentioned below:

BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY, PROPOSALS, APPRECIATION, MOOD LIGHTING (Sober moments), TOWN CRYING (Announcement of events or intentions), SURPRISES (Presentation of gift).

A one-man show of just a musical instrument such as a piano, a trumpet, a saxophone, a mouth flute (tradition or modern), a guitar, talking drum, etc, can perform on any of these occasions. Additional instruments increase the team number.

MGR may involve SURPRISES. A short act may come along whereby any likely provocation would be cleared at the eventual unveiling of the surprise. For instance, for a presentation of a car gift, the car in question can be used to block the way of the supposed receiver in a provocative manner and in the heat of the argument, the car key will be presented to the offended one. Such pleasant provocations in the different scenarios will likely occur under MGR programmes.

THE HIDDEN TREASURE (THT) is one programme that gives the teenagers and the youth variance of activities to try out their talents. THT is like a test-run on the taste and interest of the participants. The objective behind the idea is to prioritize the interest of the participants, to help them discover and focus on their talents. THT exposes the participants to arts and crafts, elementary scientific practices, security and surveillance, agricultural practices, etc.

ONE-OFF JOB OFFER (OJO) is a spontaneous job offer of not more than 36 hours or one season, which terminates immediately thereafter. However, an individual can re-initiate the application for another offer under OJO before the termination of an existing offer. DC form for OJO would accommodate attestation and references from clergy and a relative. Hence, only individuals who passed the character test could be offered this chance. Members can also apply indirectly through a certified head of a credible institution, who will attest to the firm character of the applicant primarily on the ability of the applicant to uphold his/her integrity in an uncontrolled and unsupervised environment, when not subjected to any form of surveillance and when absolutely in charge. 

LIFE IS PRECIOUS (LIP) emphatically creates awareness of the irreplaceable quality of life. Lip services should not be paid to life rather,  maintenance of life should be taken seriously. LIP encompasses health seminars or health talk shows, health awareness programmes, basic test implementation, education on immunisations at both childhood and adulthood, fitness programmes, healthy practices, free medical consultations, etc. Medical teams and health personnel are volunteers for LIP. ANF periodically organises LIP. However, sponsors could collaborate with ANF to organise LIP at any given geographical area of the world.


  1. Hair dressers
  2. Hat makers
  3. Tailors
  4. Bakers & snacks makers (drinks, chips, etc)
  5. House-use makers(soap, cream etc)
  6. Gynecologist/ Health specialists
  7. Therapists. (Instructors etc)

Projects Embarked On...

Helping visually challenged student

Pictures show the presentation of a laptop and other learning materials to Moses, a visually challenged student of English, University of Lagos. (L – R) Dr.  Anyagwa Carol; Dame Amala Nwobodo, Moses (beneficiary); Uzor Okeke (ANF Administrative Coordinator) and Professor Adedun Emmanuel .

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